The New Terminus Lokmanyatilak T Train Station: Handling Express Crowd With Precision

Lokmanyatilak T Train Station

Lokmanyatilak T Train Station

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. People from around the country come to the metro city in search of dreams and settle here. With huge prospect and future Mumbai has become one of the most popular location for the professionals. This is why the entire economy of the city as well as the state has gone up comprehensibly in the last few decades.

Being an important point in western India, the railway stations have become a very important part in the growth and development of the city. This is why the main railway terminals have been overcrowded with express trains that connect Mumbai with other important cities of the country.

Launch of Lokmanyatilak T Train Station

In order to de-stress the overcrowded main railway terminals, Central Railway decided to open a new terminus that will share the pressure by providing tracks and halts to various express coming to Mumbai. Lokmanyatilak T Train Station is located in Kurla, the suburban part of the metro city. The Kurla terminus has been christened to Lokmanyatilak T Train Station and modified to entertain various long distance expresses.

Lokmanyatilak T Train Station Code

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It is named after the famous leader of India during the Independence movement, Lokamnya Tilak. The Lokmanyatilak T Train Station code is LTT. A huge project is going to happen around the station spreading through an area of 20 acres owned by Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA).

Location of the new station

The station is aptly situated between two suburban stations of Mumbai which are Kurla and Tilak Nagar. The stations are located in the Harbor Line. The new station is very easy to access from the suburban stations and one can avail shared rickshaw to reach it. Lokmanyatilak T Train Station map suggests the paths to follow to get there conveniently.

Features of the station

Recently the rain water harvesting facilities have been installed in the station to recycle rain water and use it for various purposes. The infrastructure is capable to hold and harvest 700,000 liters of rain water. Other than housing various express trains Lokmanyatilak T Train Station facilities have dormitories for the passengers. In fact the facilities comprises of air conditioned and normal rooms to avail. There is a different dorm for women with good capacity and quality service.

Lokmanyatilak T Train Station

Lokmanyatilak T Train Station | Image Resource :

Important trains and schedules

The station handles huge number of express trains since the commencing of service and Central Railway is successfully decreasing the stress over the main terminals of Mumbai. Lokmanyatilak T Train Station timing for different express trains are very conveniently set for the ease of passengers to avail the service. Trains like Madurai Express, Lokmanyatilak Puri Super Express, Mao Ganpati Special, etc starts from this terminus whereas special trains like the Duronto series of trains starts and ends too. Lokmanyatilak T Train Station is serving the purpose quiet well.

Moreover the station is very conveniently situated in the suburbs where the passengers can reach conveniently to board their respective trains. The new terminus will develop more and eventually will become a reason for pride to the Central Railways.

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