Gwalior Train Station and its trains schedule

One of the important railway stations is present in the city of Gwalior. This railway station is a well designed and well-maintained place and provides all amenities and services to the passengers.

North Central Railway

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Yes, we are talking about none other than Gwalior Train Station. This railway station is under the operations of North Central Railway. The station comes under the division of Jhansi area in the North Central Railway. The zonal headquarters of the railway station are majorly centered in the city of Allahabad. For keeping the clean and proper infrastructure, many times the station has been awarded by the Indian Railway. Some of the main awards were won in the year 1987, 1988, 1989 and the latest in 1992. The Gwalior Train Station code is GWL.

Provisions at Gwalior Train Station

10 trains start from Gwalior regularly and many express trains like Taj Express, Bhopal Express, Garib Rath and many other have their stopping junction at Gwalior station. The station is famous as both narrow gauge as well as broad gauge railway tracks are still operation at this railway station. There are 4 metros to which the station is well connected and there are many direct trains to places like Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Jammu and much more other major towns. Gwalior Train Station to airport distance is also very short. It is just 10 km away from the airport.

There are many Gwalior Train Station facilities which are recommendable and provide comfort to the passengers. There are all required amenities at the station.

Food facility at Gwalior Train Station

Best category of food is provided at the Gwalior Train Station. Travelkhana is a party which provides best quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to the passengers in the trains at the station. All the favorite dishes are available at the station. There is a special provision of all type of thalis on special demands of the customers. The various dishes being provided include the Chinese dishes, south Indian items, tasty vegetable meals, pizzas, burgers, beverages and many other items.

The booking for the food can be done immediately just after your journey plan has been made. You can also place the order two o one hour before reaching the station.

Luggage facilities at the Gwalior Train Station

Gwalior Train Station

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Maintaining luggage and keeping it safely and securely is a very important task in the journey. Gwalior Train Station luggage storage facilities are highly recommendable as there is a full security provision. There are number of cloak rooms available with the locking facility. So, there is a 0% risk in keeping your luggage and other materials safely here.

With all the facilities and provisions done at the Gwalior Train Station, it is very easy to say that the station is very well managed and hence choosing it for your journey will not make any wrong sense.

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