Complete details on Mumbai to Bangalore Train booking

Mumbai and Bangalore both are very important stations as both Mumbai and Bangalore are very important cities. Millions of people travel to Bangalore from Mumbai. As the distance between the two cities is a huge distance so there always is a problem of choosing the right mode of transport to reach there. A person can reach to Bangalore by Airways, Roadways and as well as by Railways. But, Railways being the cheapest mode of transport among all others is always one of the best choices of a lot of people who travel to Bangalore from Mumbai. 

Mumbai to Bangalore Train Distance

As there are a lot of different routes to reach Bangalore from Mumbai, therefore Mumbai to Bangalore Train Distance is different for different trains. The shortest route of any Mumbai to Bangalore Train is 1104.97 km.  Other trains also have the distance ranging between 1100 km to 1290 km. So you can reach Bangalore from Mumbai by choosing the best train for yourself which fits your budget and time.

Mumbai to Bangalore Train

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Mumbai to Bangalore Train Route

As there are lot of routes for reaching Bangalore and Mumbai hence there are a lot of train routes also from Mumbai to Bangalore. But one of the most popular train which runs between Bangalore and Mumbai is the Udyan Express. It is a daily train which means that it goes to Bangalore from Mumbai every day. Udyan Express’s Mumbai to Bangalore Train Route includes a lot of stations between Mumbai and Bangalore. Some of these stations are Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolapur, Anartapur Kalaburagi and a few more stations come between these two stations.

Udyan Express

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Mumbai to Bangalore Train Timetable

As there are a lot of trains which run between Mumbai and Bangalore, as a result the Mumbai to Bangalore Train Timetable is quite vast. There are trains available from Mumbai to station for Bangalore station for almost every day and at almost every time. There are a few trains which are daily trains, there are a few which are thrice or four days a week train, an also there are weekly trains, which travel between these two stations once a week.

Book Mumbai to Bangalore Train

As there are a lot of people who visit Bangalore from Mumbai, there for there is always a waiting for trains. So it is suggested that the person must book their train a time before. And to Book Mumbai to Bangalore Train, you can use irctc website or there are many other online portals which can help you book your ticket from Mumbai to Bangalore.

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