List Of Lip Smacking Street Food In Patna

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The cuisine of Bihar is equally diverse as the state. Each and every food item has a rich taste and is also good for health. Patna, the capital of Bihar is rapidly developing city of India. The city’s food has the right ingredients which will tickle your taste buds. If you are visiting the city, you have ample options to look forward to. Take a look at some of the mouth-watering street food of Patna.

Litti Chokha

Litti choka is one of the famous street foods of Bihar. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be the staple dish of Bihar. If you are in Patna, it will be a huge mistake if you leave without having this special dish. This is a dish which started off as a food item for the poor. Litti is made from dough of baked wheat and is served with chokha. Chokha is a prepared with,

•    Smoked Brinjal
•    Smoked Tomato
•    Smoked Potato
•    Green chillies

You will find them in the roadside kiosks. This is good for heath since it isn’t fried.

Kachori and Paneer Samosa

Your visit to Patna will be incomplete if you do not taste Paneer samosa or kachori. You will find them in corner of the city. The spicy kachori and samosa will surely lift up your spirits. The samosa has a filling of paneer and other spices which makes it flavoursome. The unique taste of the kachori, on the other hand, will make you jump with delight. In case, you are spending a boring rainy day, there is nothing like a plate of hot paneer samosa and kachori.

Batata Puri

In Bihar, you can enjoy a large number of street foods. Patna is filled with affordable and delicious food stalls. When you come across one of these stalls, you should not forget to taste the famous chaat, Batata Puri. The basic ingredients of this dish give it a tangy taste. The dish looks amazing and the mouth-watering taste will make you go crazy. All you need to taste this amazing food item is take a quick flight to Patna.


One of the delectable sweet dishes of Patna is khaja. This is a deep fried dish which prepared by mixing wheat and mawa. Thereafter, it is soaked in sugar syrup. It is crispy but melts as soon as you take a bite. This is available in different shapes. It leaves people craving for more. Its irrefutable taste will leave you wanting for more.

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