Explore The Fun Things To Do In Mumbai At Night!

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Mumbai as we all know is a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Apart from that the city can also be described as the Nightlife capital. It is undisputedly, a city with the best nightlife in the country. Many tourists including localities and foreigners pay a visit to this sprawling metropolis during the nights to chill out and indulge in adventurous and other exciting activities. Let us look at some of the top activities to do in Mumbai.

1. Moonlight Kayaking : -

Make all your way to the Moonlight Kayaking which is located near the Bhatsa Lake where you can paddle around the lake and take part in spear fishing. The ideal time to visit this place is around 7 PM.

2. The Live Music Scene in Mumbai : -

Blue Frog which is one of the famous live music venues in the city is located near the Marine Drive. It has got an impressive lineup of both national and international artist. Here you can experience all the genres of music right from Jazz, pop, electronic music to blues.

3. Late night cruise along the shores of the Arabian Sea : -

A Late night cruise has lots to offer to the visitors especially newly married couples. It is ideal spot to dine with your loved ones.

4. A Mid-night cycling trip : -

Peddle around the streets of this sprawling metropolis and explore all the popular spots of the city such as Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and many other places.

5. Sailing excursion in Mumbai : -

Sail across the charming and pleasing themes of the city of Mumbai along with the calm waters and cool breeze that would banish any fear or problems.

6. Ice cream at Bachelors : -

For all those who are scouting around the city to savor some delicious food and delicacies, then head to this place where you can try out the rich and flavored ice creams.

7. Street Photography session : -

There are array of photography workshops lined in the city during nights where you can stroll around the city and take beautiful stills of this sprawling metropolis.

8. The Beach of Chowpatty : -

The Beach of Chowpatty in Mumbai is one of the prestigious beaches located in the heart of the city where you can witness the fascinating rising tides especially during nights.

For those who wish to feel the pulse of the city and unwind after a long day's work, then Mumbai is the right place for you.

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